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FAQs - Employer


1. Why should my company use Exceptional Admins Jobs (ea Jobs) to find talent?

ea Jobs offers a targeted platform dedicated to administrative professionals, ensuring that your job postings reach a specialized and relevant audience. With our user-friendly interface and robust features, you can efficiently connect with top-tier administrative talent to meet your organization's unique needs.


1. What is the marketing strategy that comes with a featured job posting? We strategically showcase featured jobs to our extensive social media community and subscriber base, effectively amplifying your job opening's visibility among niche professionals. The current audience count is over 13,000.


1. Is there a refund policy for job postings on ea Jobs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for job postings. We recommend carefully reviewing and confirming your posting details before finalizing the transaction to ensure accuracy.

2. Do you provide coupons or discounts for job postings?

Yes, we do offer promotional coupons and occasional discounts for job postings. Company profiles are automatically added to our newsletter. We encourage you to create a company profile.

3. How can I manage applications efficiently on ea Jobs?

Our platform provides a streamlined application management system. Receive applications directly on the platform, review resumes, and communicate with candidates seamlessly.  This central hub simplifies the hiring process, allowing you to efficiently track and manage applications in one place. Alternatively, redirect the posting to your ATS tool.

4. Can you guarantee that I'll hire a candidate through your site?

Similar to other job board platforms, we cannot guarantee successful hires. However, we can assure you of increased visibility directly to the audience you seek to engage. Our platform is designed to connect your job postings with a targeted pool of qualified candidates, enhancing your chances of finding the right match for your organization.

5. How can I post a job on ea Jobs?

Posting a job on ea Jobs is simple and efficient. Create an employer account, log in, and follow the intuitive job posting process. Provide detailed information about the position, and our platform will showcase your opportunity to a pool of qualified administrative professionals actively seeking their next career move.

6. Can I customize my job postings to attract specific candidates?

Absolutely, ea Jobs allows you to customize your job postings to highlight specific requirements, qualifications, and unique aspects of your company culture. Tailoring your listings ensures that you attract candidates who align with your organization's values and needs.

7. Are there additional features to enhance my employer profile on ea Jobs?

Yes, ea Jobs offers additional features to boost your employer profile. Showcase your company culture, highlight employee testimonials, and even feature your brand logo for increased visibility. These elements contribute to creating an attractive and informative profile that stands out to potential candidates.

8. What kind of support does ea Jobs offer to employers?

ea Jobs has a committed team available to assist with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter. Whether you need help with posting a job, managing applications, or optimizing your employer profile, we're here to ensure a smooth and successful hiring experience. Explore this article on optimal practices for crafting compelling job descriptions. Connect with us at info@exceptionaladminsjobs.com.


1. How can I make my job posting stand out on ea Jobs?

To stand out, ensure your job posting is detailed and engaging. Clearly outline the role's responsibilities, highlight unique aspects of your company culture, and use a compelling tone to attract top-tier administrative professionals. Explore this article on optimal practices for crafting compelling job descriptions.

2. What information should I include in the job description?

A comprehensive job description should cover key responsibilities, required qualifications, and any specific skills or experiences desired. Providing a clear picture of the role helps attract candidates who are the best fit for your organization. It’s the same as a well crafted resume invites a hiring manager to want to know more.

3. Can I include additional media or company branding in my job posting?

Yes, ea Jobs allows you to enhance your job posting with multimedia elements and company branding. Your company logo and employer page accompanies the listing.

4. How often should I update my job postings?

Regularly update your job postings to keep them fresh and relevant. This not only attracts new candidates but also signals to the job board's algorithms that your listing is active and should be prominently featured in search results. Many have updated due to questions that surface during phone screens that weren’t clear in the posting.

5. Is there a character limit for job postings on ea Jobs?

While character limits are not specified, it's advisable to keep your job posting concise and focused. Clearly communicate the essential details while maintaining readability. Use bullet points and concise sentences to convey information efficiently.